Unlocking Opportunities with Tape Ball Cricket

Tape Ball Cricket Program

We are thrilled to introduce our Tape Ball Cricket Program, aimed at expanding cricketing horizons and fostering inclusivity within the sport. In response to the unique needs of our diverse community, this program offers an alternative to traditional hard ball cricket, making the game accessible to a wider range of participants.



Why Tape Ball Cricket?

Tape Ball Cricket holds a special place in the hearts of countless cricketers particularly those from subcontinent backgrounds. It provides a familiar and cherished avenue for cricket enthusiasts who may have grown up playing tape ball cricket in their neighborhoods. Additionally, it offers a softer and safer introduction to the sport for newcomers and those who may not be comfortable with hard ball cricket.

The Inclusivity Factor

Tape Ball Cricket is renowned for its inclusivity. It allows us to engage with equity-deserving groups, women, newcomers, and individuals who seek a less intimidating entry into the world of cricket. Our corporate, university, and school cricket clinics all operate under the tape ball format, ensuring that cricket remains an inclusive and inviting sport for everyone.

Embracing the Tape Ball Spirit

At Last Man Stands DEI Foundation, we embrace the spirit of tape ball cricket and recognize its cultural significance. We believe that it adds a unique dimension to the cricketing experience. Tape Ball Cricket is more than just a variation of the game; it’s a celebration of diversity, unity, and the shared love for cricket.

Join our Tape Ball Cricket Program

Participating in our Tape Ball Cricket Program is easy and open to cricketers of all skill levels. Whether you’re reliving cherished memories or exploring cricket for the first time, our program welcomes you. To get involved, please contact M. Emrul Hasan at [email protected]. We’ll keep you informed about upcoming sessions, league opportunities, and other exciting developments.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to be part of a cricketing community that embraces diversity, promotes inclusivity, and celebrates the spirit of tape ball cricket.

Stay tuned for more information and embark on a remarkable tape ball cricket journey with us!