Embracing Year-Round Cricket and Nurturing Mental Well-being

Indoor Program

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our indoor cricket program in fall 2023, providing cricketers with the opportunity to play the sport they love throughout the year. Recognizing the importance of mental health, especially for cricketers who only have a limited playing season during the summer, our indoor program aims to create a supportive environment during the cold winter months.

Why is Indoor Cricket important? Indoor cricket offers a multitude of benefits for players, both physically and mentally. By providing a platform for year-round cricket, it ensures that players can stay connected to the game they are passionate about. Playing indoor cricket promotes physical fitness, enhances cricketing skills, and encourages camaraderie among players. Moreover, it plays a vital role in safeguarding the mental well-being of cricketers, offering an outlet to alleviate stress, boost mood, and maintain an active lifestyle throughout the year.

We envision expanding our indoor program to include other sports in the future, catering to diverse interests and creating an all-encompassing indoor sports experience. We welcome any ideas and suggestions to enhance the program and bring innovative concepts to the world of indoor cricket. Together, we can shape a unique indoor cricket franchise league that transcends boundaries and inspires players globally.

Joining our Indoor Cricket Program is simple! Cricketers of all skill levels are welcome to participate. To get involved, please contact M. Emrul Hasan at [email protected]. We will keep you updated on upcoming sessions, league opportunities, and other exciting developments.

Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this revolutionary initiative! Stay tuned for more information and be prepared to embark on an incredible indoor cricket journey with us.